What makes Nathan’s Men’s Store unique is that it looks like a full-service men’s store should, it smells like a men’s store should, and it acts like a classic, traditional men’s store should.

By that we mean the courtesy and one-on-one customer service you get reminds you of the days when gas station attendants automatically pumped the gas for you, cleaned your windshield, and swept out the carpet of your car for you -- all included in the price of the gasoline you purchased. They did that with a thank you, a smile and an offer to check the oil and tires.

Although we can’t offer to service your car, we will help you load your car with Nathan’s packages, give directions upon request and attempt to do whatever it takes to make your shopping experience a pleasant one. If your clothing carries a lot of mileage, is tattered, is no longer stylish or no longer fits properly, we can provide you with new duds, repair the old ones or alter them to fit you properly.

The service is old-fashioned, but the merchandise is up-to-the-minute name brands like Hart Schaffner Marx and Calvin Klein, just to name a couple, while the store itself is comfortable and very customer-friendly.

We will handle all your formal wear needs, as we have been in the formal wear and suit rental business since the 1950s.

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